Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Working diligently... I really am.

I was hoping to have pics to post, and I will, really. I am way happy with the progess I have made, and will have some pics for you to check out tomorrow.
Life is good, the good ole summertime here in the south. Lots of my favorite childhood memories are from summers past.
My big sisters loved music, great stuff, the Beatles, Beachboys, Herman's Hermits!
Later, there were Michael Jackson's "I'll be there" and "Ben," 2 of my favorites. Such sweet memories!!!
Until tomorrow, stay tuned, picures of my work ... to come.
julesmarie :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

meeee, toooooooooo!

can you tell me HOW I can make prints of the art work I already have, PLEASE!?!?!

love your STUFF!

love you, love you...
Me~ aka; bootsieinthehills