Tuesday, October 12, 2010

from my house to your yours

Below is an exert from the blog of a very, very creative, talented artist, Anna Maria Horner.  I've been following her blog for about two years now. The intrigue for me at first was her large Christian family. She and her husband are adorable and have six adorable kids. The oldest daughter is off to college, she is an artist, just like her Mom. Coming from a large Christian family too I loved her blog posts about her adorable, did I say adorable? kids!  Her interior decorating skills are enviable to any homemaker. I love her patterns, especially her colors, I am a color girl. She is a fabric artist among many other things, a great seamstress and then there's me, a girl who made her own prom dress in the 11th grade, and I lllloooovvvvveeeed it. That my friend is an awesome memory that I think about often. That great feeling of loving something that I made with my own hands. So, here's what Anna Maria said today on the 4th anniversary of her blog...so Anna Maria...so sweet.

"And on the note of comfort, I wanted to take the time to say thanks for coming along with me on this little journey. I know some of you have been here for 4 years (or longer!) and some just got here today. I thank each of you for the little nook you've carved out for me in your days, leaving me room to share."

This, my friend is what blogging is all about, I think... connecting with other like-minded souls.

Thanks for carving out a tiny little nook for me in your day!!!

Lots of new work coming soon.
julesmarie :)

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