Monday, March 7, 2011

Tell me what you think :)

My Austin and his Lindsay ... adorable inside and out!
Today is day # 1 at a new inpatient rehab for Lindsay - approx. 60 miles away - Lakeshore B'ham, AL. Lindsay will stay for a few weeks, and with continued blessings from God she will gain more and more strength every day shes there.  Please continue to pray for Lindsay's TBI recovery. God has been blessing her each and every day. God is good.

Check out the images below, the first 2 are the photos on my calendar for this month... earlier this month, when I flipped my calendar to March, I was struck by the beauty of Sicily, Italy.  I thought my Etsy banner (see below) this art of the blue waters - art I made up in my imagination, looks a whole lot like this beautiful spot in Sicily, Italy! What a beautiful spot on God's green earth, which I had never seen before March 1, 2011. I created this Etsy banner (the very bottom image below) a couple of years ago... i'm just saying  i saw a resemblance. What do you think?
i like stuff like that ... must be a sign that I will go to Sicily one day, yeah with my whole family - the cutest little Italian family! Marie, we love you and miss you
Enjoy your week! Smile :) God loves you!

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