Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I recently sold my first commissioned painting!

I  recently sold my first commissioned painting! I am thrilled, what a confidence shot in the arm! Feels great, I've gotta say to have someone out there get you, AND get your art. I've got one word, AWESOME! Here's a look at Becky's bunnies! The 2 fairy bunnies are Becky's granddaughters, Riley and Audrey, two cutie pies!!! The painting is hanging over the bed in the girl's room at their Nana's house :) Thank you Becky!

Love, love love to all bunny lovers!
julesmarie :)


Anonymous said...

Have you ever illustrated a children's book ?Your painting has that loveliness those books used to have.Congrats by the way on your sale!

julesmarie said...

Thank you Maricha. Your comment really means a lot to me!

~julesmarie :)

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"I recently sold my first commissioned painting!"
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